Israel Trip (part 1)

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My ten day journey in Israel was an amazing experience! I was able to have a face to face encounter with my biblical roots and gain first hand knowledge regarding Israeli culture. If you have ever desired visiting, I highly recommend you do.

sea gal flags

Cruise on the Sea of Galilee

An important question was asked on our last day, “What did you come here with and what are you taking back”?  My response was that I went there with slight fear and misconceptions that surrounded Israel. For example, when I told certain individuals that I was going to Jerusalem, they would reply with “Whooaaa be careful, you know it is very dangerous over there”.  Of course no harm was meant by the pre-caution but it certainly put negative feelings in my spirit.

What did you bring back?

1. Selflessness

In Israel, instead of high school students waiting for their acceptance letters for college, they all wait for a letter to enter into the service. It is a requirement that males serve 3-4years and women 2-3 years. Of course in USA many individuals serve in either Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, or Coast Guard, and I THANK YOU for honoring our country.   However, as the Israeli student expressed her excitement  to receive a letter that told her where she would be stationed, I was amazed. I found it to be profound that she had pure joy, though she did not have an option to say, “no.” I truly admired her servant heart and enthusiasm which caused me to analyze ways I can be selfless in my daily life.

2. Gratefulness

As Americans, we do not truly realize how blessed we are. We tend to expect situations to be a certain way but that is not always the case. One thing one can take for granted is freedom. It is not until you go to another country and experience border patrol and have your bus searched, do you realize certain opportunities you are afforded. We do not have to pass through border patrol or need permission to enter into another city. We can drive anywhere in the US without a problem. That is not the case in other countries. Though America has imperfections just as any other country, I am truly grateful for the wide range of possibilities.

3. Fearless

When I arrived to Israel all false impressions and distress went out the window. Even though there is war and trouble surrounding the country I felt an overwhelming peace. I did not feel like I was in danger even when we were overlooking the Syria boarder from Golan Heights. After hearing from primary sources about traumatic experiences that they encounter, it was remarkable to see their resilience to press forward . They could move away but Israel is home. To see individuals move about the country (with such high threat surrounding ) and continue to enjoy life, is pretty liberating. In America, people will warn you about traveling to certain cities like Chicago or Miami because of the danger that lurks. However, imagine living in a place where bomb shelters are required to be built in your house. That happens in certain areas in Israel. Yet, it does not hinder one’s passion to perform daily task and pursue their purpose. Being fearless is a huge component that I brought back with me. I can go on and give numerous examples but then this blog will turn into a novel lol.  You just have to go and experience it for yourself. I’ll leave off with this note…. if God told you to move to that new city, write a book, travel, end a relationship, change careers etc. DO IT! Let all fear go and know that God is with you. Remember the only thing we should fear is God and not man or things!

I only scraped the surface of the impression that was left on my heart. The knowledge that was acquired during my stay, expanded my understanding of my biblical roots and culture of Israel. It is unforgettable and will always be treasured. In the next blog, I will post my daily adventures of my 10 day trip!

I hope you enjoyed this gem. Remember we are in this journey together 🙂


   C. Allen

israel mt olives

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